We've improved Mudlet's editor and highlighting as well as even more improved art display. Also, you can now every day receive new Mudlet developments with our Public Test Build (PTB) version!


This is an amazing release that adds drag and drop packages, custom cursors, draggable labels and more! Mudlet is now more powerful than ever for building stunning, modern interfaces for MUDs.


release 4.7: Mudlet has regularly brought forward new standards towards the decades long standing art of text games, and will continue to do so with this release as well. We also have a few improvements and information for special groups of users. mudlet.org/4-7

Geyser is the go-to way for making awesome interfaces in Mudlet and it’s received a lot of improvements in this March update. Read on! mudlet.org/4-6

Our current goal goal is first-time player friendliness, but we're always keen to see better a11y support for the visually impaired players - so we've put up a $400 bounty to solve a part of the puzzle that needs to be in place before we get there.


4.5: Mudlet emerges from the vacation hibernation to deliver the next update! Including a few new commands for our scripters, a new language for international players, and a new game for you to explore: FieryMUD!

Mudlet 4.4: Added a new option for customising the mapper's "you are here" location marker, added notepad autosave, re-added stopwatches overhaul and fixed a possible crash when copying text in this update!

This short update fixes text selection in Mudlet, improves the generic mapper script, and a few things in the background!


Sup! New month, update! ow.ly/6FvC50wJVws enjoy.

This update now stores characters’ passwords securely, improves selection (but more work to do there), adds ANSI colours to cecho and friends, and fixes the font spacing in the error console.

New season, new Mudlet! This is a quality release bringing improvements to Mudlet editor, Geyser, while adding MSSP, HTTP POST/PUT/DELETE, and more. Enjoy :)


2 years and 4 months or in tech speak, nearly 2,000 commits later – Mudlet 4.0 is here! We’ve achieved our stated goal to make Mudlet playable internationally; from Spanish to Chinese games :) mudlet.org/4-00

Mudlet has launched a Patreon 🙌 patreon.com/mudlet

All money will to towards making the project better, such as paying for code signing certificates. 3D printed Mudlet arch & an engraved wooden pen are on the table 😁

Every little bit helps. Thanks for your support all ❤

Italian translation in Mudlet now has a gold star, joining German!

Big thanks to Molideus from Clessidra (clessidra.it), an Italian MUD for doing the bulk of the translation 🇮🇹🙌🎉🇮🇹

We have new update: mudlet.org/3-22!

This month we help international players, we warn about deprecation of the semicolon, ease up exporting a package, speedwalk through non-English games, and bring lots of bugfixes to you.

We're been thinking and thinking, and we decided Mudlet is gonna open a Patreon! There's expensive things that we have to pay for (code certificates) and there's cool things we could pay for (like more concurrent builds so we don't wait forever). Coming soon, so stay tuned 🤞

Three, two, one! Counting down to the next Mudlet version, which lets you open a game offline, shrink the trigger editor window, & more. mudlet.org/3-21

One year after starting translating Mudlet in June 2018, here is another summary: mudlet.org/2019/06/translation For example, see the translation stats of the Mudlet client into the different languages visualised below. Which internationalisation features would you suggest for us next?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Im Mudlet Client kann man ja schon seit einer Weile die Sprache umstellen. Inzwischen auch auf unserer Webseite: https:/www.mudlet.org/de/ 😀👍🇩🇪

Mudlet 3.20 - reworked timers, triggers area, added Clessidra! mudlet.org/3-20

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