Gossip and Grapevine now support games being scrapped via MSSP, so even if you're not fully on Gossip, you can be listed and tracked on Grapevine!

exventure.world is alive! I am pretty happy with the state of this hosting service, I can get a new game spun up pretty quickly. Eventually I will automate this further, but first people who actually want to use it!

Finally getting around to splitting off characters from users. Its going smoothly but still taking longer than it seems like it should. Turns out users were very integral, who would have guessed

@myelin little did you know shawncplus would be back kicking off ranvier again so soon after this post! Maybe he knew

There's a new part of Gossip, the player side! Go check out Grapevine, grapevine.haus/

Gossip has been getting some updates, getting ready to have some applications that help out Gossip and they need a super powered socket!


Worked a bit on an API for ExVenture at REST Fest this year. I am hoping to continue with this. Might extend out to viewing the world next

Got some small tweaks in the web client today. The prompt auto focuses if you just start typing, but doesn't if you try copying from the main text area. This feels much nicer now.

The action bar came out pretty nice I think, it's up on midmud.com now

Playing around with a new set of action bars for the web client, top row is possible targets, bottom are your skills (very WIP for this) Hopefully going to clean this up tonight style wise then start making it actually pull in real data

I think this is pretty close to concurrent WoW players on a single realm...

@myelin This is a good idea, working on ExVenture's as well

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