Updating Myelin to Ranvier 3 is complete. Now comes further improvements to it, revamps of the system, and tooling. It may be a while before anything playable is out.

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exventure.world is alive! I am pretty happy with the state of this hosting service, I can get a new game spun up pretty quickly. Eventually I will automate this further, but first people who actually want to use it!

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Happy Holidays! This update adds an advanced text analyser, color map support for Starmourn's map download, and various quality of life improvements.


A lot of this turned into having a blast with NPC behaviors... expect a slightly more alive version of Myelin once these go live 😎

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I started on some changes today that are going to mean a playerwipe once they are in production.

They likely won't be ready for a while, and I'll bundle a bunch of other changes, but expect a playerwipe and overhauling changes within the next month or two.

Went with changing speed to an attacks-per-round system. Rounds are 10 seconds by default, anywhere from 1 to 10 attacks per round. Default 2.

So far, just implemented the function to turn weapon and character data into a number of attacks-per-round.

if you die in myelin you die in real life

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I added some heirloom apples, cookies, and D&D spells to the dataset of pies to see if the neural net would make some more medieval-sounding pies. It worked a little too well.

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The client is slowly coming together as well, with music and more UI features. However, it's still a bit buggy. Please report bugs to me here or in the MUD Coder's Guild slack.

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Achieving anything in life nowadays is 5% talent, 5% hard work and 90% not being distracted by the Internet.

Crafting overhaul is nearly complete!

- Tools are supported for crafting (for example, you need a blowtorch to craft items from scrap metal)

- Some items can be consumed during crafting. This allows for things such as upgrading armor found on NPCs.

- 'craft search' makes the crafting system easier to navigate.

more client-side updates or fixes, including tab complete for commands

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yeah alright, let's say i'm going to eat two portions of potatoes and then get to streaming some system shock 2 (1999), my first OSA build.

watch this space in 15 mins or so, savvy.

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New updates to the web client:

Less obnoxious styling choices
Tabbed panels
More support for music and sound effects

In the works: autocomplete

Also, updates will be super slow due to health reasons preventing me from being able to hunch over a computer.


I've been working on the client at myelin.space pretty heavily for the last week or so. Had fun adding systems for music, ambient sounds, and sound effects. It's pretty busted right now though.

Will likely be holding off on making large changes to the game itself until Ranvier/Pinwheel are solidified, but I'll finish most of the crafting revamp.

Still torn as to whether to upgrade/port or stick with what I've got.

Also working on some worldbuilding/quest design on paper ;)

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@myelin little did you know shawncplus would be back kicking off ranvier again so soon after this post! Maybe he knew

Long-term, Myelin will likely make the conversion to the Pinwheel engine, which is kind of like Ranvier 4.0

Ranvier is dead, long live Ranvier

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