To the other local users on I’m sorry I spammed our federated timeline view by following an Emacs bot that posts tens of times a day. I’ll try to eject that soon. 😳

@shane Why should that affect what you follow?

I agree that that bot is making my Home timeline very active.

But if I like following someone, I wouldn't care if that "spams" the federated timeline.

@shane I can switch the posts to unlisted. Could have contacted me about the bot since I babysit it?

@trayofbees Hey - I didn't mean to imply your bot was not worthwhile or anything like that. Very definitely didn't mean it as an attack. We are an _extremely_ small low-traffic Mastodon instance and the volume on that account just overwhelms the human posters. I want to make sure that the community members can find each other and enjoy each other's content.

@shane No prob. I've set all posts to Unlisted so it does not appear in Fedi. I will probably reverse this decision for Planet Emacsen reposts since those come in only once a day---so at least the public TL for the bot doesn't make it look like it's abandoned.

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