@Snipehunt For practice during self-study of a new language, sites like these are pretty popular, but don't necessarily teach you the concepts you need to work through them.


@Snipehunt Ooh! Lisp will bend your brain in interesting ways, but I think, even when working in languages that aren't a Lisp, that I still write slightly better code for knowing how to think that way.

@Snipehunt Welcome! What sort of programming language(s) or MUD game styles are you most interested in so far?

I don't fluently "speak" C/C++ and am only dabbling with Rust, and it's subjective whether I actually do proper gamedev right now, but this was such a fascinating, long read: kyren.github.io/2018/09/14/rus

Pending permission from the authors, we will hopefully be adopting some or all of this Code of Conduct for this Mastodon instance with acknowledgement. In the meantime, please be excellent to each other!


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@trayofbees Hey - I didn't mean to imply your bot was not worthwhile or anything like that. Very definitely didn't mean it as an attack. We are an _extremely_ small low-traffic Mastodon instance and the volume on that account just overwhelms the human posters. I want to make sure that the community members can find each other and enjoy each other's content.

To the other local users on mud.social: I’m sorry I spammed our federated timeline view by following an Emacs bot that posts tens of times a day. I’ll try to eject that soon. 😳

Heading to WA for ElixirConf tomorrow, in town through Saturday.

@myelin does it have an in-universe “dialing” device?😏

I poked around in DataGrip this weekend and got a better handle on Elixir’s Ecto SQL library re: associations and testing. Also figured out a self-join many-to-many through a join table, which I hadn’t had to do before.

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All going well, I will be starting the upgrade to v2.5.0 for all Masto.host hosted instances in a couple of minutes.

This release will take longer than usual to upgrade, so I can't say how long it will take until your instance is updated. If I believe it will take a long time, I will post information about it.

The upgrade should cause less than a 1 minute backup.

You can read about what changes here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Pretty cool stuff coming :)

I'm building a MUD game mostly from scratch using the Elixir programming language, and writing about that over at @RealmaticTheory.

Infra automation-focused developer working with AWS/Kubernetes, Elixir hobbyist, Spacemacs user, heavy reader and lifelong gamer

@Belghast Thank you, sir! We'll see how this goes! 😀


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